• Helps you to keep battery healthy
  • Reads out the raw battery data to give you more precise information
  • Detailed stats & health Information for MacBook’s battery
  • Shows proportion of battery used by each app
  • Customizable battery status in menu bar for every mode
    (On Battery/Charging/Full Charged)
  • Automatically closes applications being unused for a long time
  • Comfortable notifications help to determine applications that consume big amount of MacBook’s energy
  • Battery widget
  • Battery level notifications
  • Airplane mode

Wattagio is powerful battery assistant. It informs you about current battery health and helps to decrease power usage. Flexible settings in application give options to customize your profile to meet your needs.

Save Battery Power

Increase your battery working time. Advanced system settings give the ability to decrease power usage in battery mode.


Find out applications hungry for energy. Wattagio gives statistics about used battery power during last 24 hours, 7 days, or since last network disconnection and helps to find out which applications use battery the most.

Battery Health

All information about battery health on one screen. Exhaustive information about battery life allows you to track current battery’s power (mAh), maximum power (mAh), maximum power in a brand new battery, battery health, temperature, maximum charging cycles (from 0% t0 100%). Also, based on all collected information, count when a battery will reach the limit if it is used with the same frequency.


Battery’s life story. The bright diagram will show battery’s autonomic working time, charging time, fully charge battery time. Additional charts show battery’s usage statistics and data about battery’s power amount during the day, week, month and year.


Information about manufacturer, serial number, manufacture date and battery age


Be informed about current battery level. Notifications will remind you about decreasing power mode and when a critical level is reached – time to connect MacBook to the network. Control system will show you notifications about applications that use battery power a lot.

Customizable battery status in menu bar

Advanced battery settings in menu help to adjust many options: battery’s level in percentage, amperage, tension, temperature, horizontal or vertical battery status icon. Wattagio allows to set individual battery status for every mode.

Quit apps

Wattagio automatically closes applications being unused for a long time, this helps to reduce CPU and battery consumption.

Wattagio assistant

Comfortable notifications help to determine applications that consume big amount of MacBook’s energy. We provide three estimating variants:

  • low power consuming (green indicator): application has minimal influence on battery;
  • moderate power consuming (orange indicator): application makes different operation, but doesn’t influence a lot on battery;
  • high power mode (red indicator): application influences a lot on battery working mode.


How to increase battery life cycle?

  • Try to avoid too high and too low temperature. The most comfortable temperature for work is 50° to 95°F (10° to 35°C) and -4° to 113°F (-20° to 45°C) in saving mode; use Wattagio to protect your battery from overheating.
  • If you are going to keep your device without power for a long time, please, follow next 2 steps:
    • Temperature must be under 90°F (20°C).
    • Battery level must be not more than 50%.

Batteries – Maximizing Performance – Apple

How can I hide macOS X battery icon?

Find “System preferences”, “Energy Saver”, remove the mark near “Show battery status in menu bar”.

What if battery reaches maximum charging life cycles?

If a maximum life cycle is reached, we recommend you to change the battery. You can use your old battery after you reach this limit, but you’ll notice decreasing working time in autonomic mode. Approximate life cycle you can check in Wattagio.

How can I disable this application on startup?

Find application’s settings and remove the mark near “Launch Wattagio on startup”.

How can I quit this application?

To quit Wattagio you must open it and press CMD⌘ + Q.

How can I completely remove Wattagio?

To completely remove an application from your MacBook, you need move it to the trash.

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